Super Juice (12-Pack)


Anti- Aging, vitality, 2.5 ounce beverage. Complete with 29 super fruits, vegetables and amino acids. Antioxidant powerhouse, enhance Detoxification and immune system strength, Micro-circulation and cellular nutrition, Protein synthesis and skin regeneration, Relaxation, Weight control.

Proprietary blend of: rutin, green tea (leaf), gogi (berry), acai (berry), grape (pumice), mangosteen (fruit), gooseberry (fruit), black cherry (fruit), cranberry (fruit), bitter orange (fruit), blueberry (fruit), tomato (fruit), carrot (root), noni (fruit), knotweed (Resveratrol), stevia (leaf), wheatgrass (leaf), red cabbage (leaf), beet (tuber), Ural licorice (root), celery (seed), Aloe (leaf), Bioenergy D-Ribose*, L-Carnitine, Seasalt, Lysine, N-acetyl L-Glutamine

Other ingredients: purified water, natural flavor, citric acid, malic acid, natural fruit color blend, potassium sorbate

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