The Story Behind “Super Juice-the Fountain of Youth”

This story goes back forty years about my amazing father. He was a biochemist who was always researching and trying to find ways to preserve and/or improve our quality of life (QoL). I was too young at the time to recall much of anything; however, I do remember him bringing home an Aloe Vera Plant, now known as the “Miracle Plant”. At the age of six I said “Why would you bring home such an ugly thing to us?” He replied “Donald, when you cut open this plant, it has an amazing clear gel that you rub on your scrapes that quickly heals. (almost immediately!) My father pushed the envelope further by having me and my mom drink his special health/life drink which included this gel. He constantly educated us on how powerful this plant is and the wonderful things it can do for us”. Aloe is terrific for skin rejuvenation, healing wounds and surprisingly strengthens the immune system and detoxifies our bodies.

Fast forward to July 17, 1996, the worst day of my life when I lost my father, my inspiration and my best friend to a freak accident. In the hospital, I can recall all of it as if it was yesterday. We had intense discussions on business and what could improve our quality of life (QoL). My father left me with an incredible amount of knowledge that would lead me to a sense of purpose. What started off with a simple Aloe Vera Plant and now after decades of cultivation, has evolved into a blueprint for a better quality of life (QoL). I was incredibly blessed to have such a role model in my life and will always keep working towards improving the Quality of Life for everyone. Thanks, Dad.

The blueprint was there, now getting the right team in place to make this a reality was not such an easy task. Driven and staying the course, I was very fortunate to meet Dr. Jon Selzer at the largest Natural Product Show in the US. Just think of a scientific genius version of Gene Wilder who also has charm, personality and charisma. Dr. Selzer along with his network of scientists developed a product that allowed me to share my life’s long passion. My “Super Juice the Fountain of Youth” will enable you to improve your Quality of Life (QoL), just like it has improved mine.

My name is Donny Williams, if you ever met me or know anyone who has, you may agree with their descriptions; “intense, focused, passionate and always smiling”. Everything I do in my life from running a few companies to being an Adjunct Professor, I do with determination and urgency that ultimately leads to that sense of purpose. If I’m doing it, you better believe I am putting 110% behind it. This is what you can expect from me today and every day when you have a “Super Juice the Fountain of Youth” – an Anti-aging vitality drink to provide optimum anti-aging power, naturally.

Sincerely yours,