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What is Super Juice “Fountain of Youth”?

A synergistic blend of herbal fruit and vegetable extracts, amino acids and sea water minerals from around the world. It has been designed by a team of scientists to provide optimum anti-aging power in a delicious, 2oz ready-to-drink beverage that everyone can enjoy.

Our Strategy

  • Antioxidant powerhouse
  • Detoxification and immune system strength
  • Micro-circulation and cellular nutrition
  • Protein synthesis and skin regeneration
  • Relaxation
  • Weight control

The Players on Our Team

Our Offense:

<strong>Aloe</strong> - Aloe supports detoxification and skin rejuvenation. Aloe
<strong>Bitter Orange</strong> - Bitter orange stimulates fat burning. It energizes and breaks down fat to support a weight loss program. Bitter Orange
<strong>Blueberry</strong> - High in polyphenol antioxidants, blueberry helps generate skin proteins and stimulate wound healing. Its benefits are recognized in all organs. Blueberry
<strong>D-Ribose</strong> - This non-caloric sugar starts the metabolic process that generates ATP energy. Helps muscles regenerate after exercise. Helps the body regain resting state energy and recharge worn out batteries. D-Ribose
<strong>Grapes</strong> - Grapes are one of the most important anti-aging superfruits. Not only are they excellent suppliers of antioxidants, they are a major source of resveratrol, the anti-aging powerhouse (see Giant Knotweed). The seeds contain some of the most powerful antioxidants found in our food supply. Grape
<strong>Gooseberry</strong> -Phyllanthus emblica. The antioxidants in gooseberry stimulate the production of skin proteins, resulting in a more elastic, youthful looking skin. In Ayurvedic culture, Indian gooseberry helps to enliven the body and enhance intellect. Gooseberry
<strong>L-Carnitine</strong> - Amino acid, essential for energy production. Ferries fats across membranes to be burned for energy. Increased energy means a more youthful appearance and ability to withstand daily pressures. Also supports weight loss by burning fat L-Carnitine
<strong>L-Lysine</strong> - Amino acid, essential in the diet, can be assimilated from meat, legumes, cheese and eggs. Required for protein synthesis. Helps rebuild skin proteins that are damaged by free radicals. Also critical for calcium absorption. L-Lysine has powerful anti-stress and anxiety properties. L-Lysine
<strong>Mangosteen Berry</strong> - Mangosteens contain an array of unique polyphenol antioxidants that help stimulate the synthesis of skin proteins, achieving a youthful and energized appearance Mangosteen
<strong>Noni Berry</strong> - The Polynesian fruit has unique components that help harmonize and energize the body, making you look and feel younger. Its anti-aging properties are especially adept at supporting the youthful appearance of the people from these islands, despite their exposure to harsh environmental elements. Noni Berry
<strong>Rutin</strong> - Commonly found in the invasive weeds, rhubarb, asparagus and other fruits and vegetables, rutin is a powerful antioxidant with anti-aging properties. Rutin
<strong>Sea Salt</strong> - All life began in the sea and seawater has the most biologically active blend of natural minerals that best match those of our own blood and tissues. Low sodium extracts provide mineral enrichment in a form that is easily assimilated and has immediate biological activity. Seawater
<strong>Tomato</strong> - The lycopene in tomatoes is essential for supporting good health and wellness. It is particularly effective in producing the anti-aging supportive skin protein synthesis to combat the development of wrinkles. Helps support the health of all organs. Tomato
<strong>Ural Licorice Root</strong> - This licorice, from the Ural mountains in Western Russia, is the perfect adaptagen: building harmony and homeostasis in the body. It helps energize all organs and both physical and emotional balance. Ural licorice Root *

Our Defense:

<strong>Açai Berry</strong> - This Brazilian berry contains unique antioxidants that help fight free radicals and support anti-aging throughout the body. Acai Berry
<strong>Cranberries</strong> - Cranberries contain many different antioxidant compounds that help protect your cells from premature aging. Evidence supports the cranberry’s cell-nurturing properties. Cranberry
<strong>Glutamine</strong> - This amino acid is a major component of all tissue proteins and is particularly important for muscle health, immune system and detoxification Glutamine
<strong>Gogi Berry</strong> - The polysaccharides in gogi are extremely effective antioxidants and liver supporting detoxifiers. They are used for harmonizing and improving overall health and wellness. Gogi Berry
<strong>Green Tea</strong> - One of the most studied herbal medicines, green tea is rich in polyphenol antioxidants, which fight free radicals. Defends the body from oxidation and helps produce energy. Supports weight loss by stimulating fat burning and inhibiting digestive enzymes. Green Tea Leaf
<strong>Kale Leaf</strong> - Kale is rich in many beneficial phytonutrients, particularly Carotenoids and vitamins and minerals. It helps stimulate protein synthesis and healthy DNA maintenance. Kale Leaf
<strong>Knotweed (Resveratrol)</strong> - Polygonum cuspidatum is one of the primary sources of trans resveratrol in the plant kingdom. Resveratrol, the “king of anti-aging” works on all cells of the body to prolong life and increase wellness. Knotweed (Resveratrol)
<strong>Pomegranate</strong> - Perhaps one of the most versatile antioxidant fruits, pomegranate helps with everything from detoxification, energy production, antioxidant power and skin protein synthesis. Pomegranate Juice
<strong>Beet Root</strong> - Beets are not only delicious but contain many phytochemicals with their uniquely healthy properties. It helps support health blood vessels, which supply nutrition and detoxification to all cells of the body. Red Beet Root
<strong>Red Cabbage</strong> - The sulphor groups in cabbage help provide the anti-aging properties. It helps support healthy cell division and replication, essential health and beauty. Red cabbage contains added phytochemicals with unique antioxidant properties. Red Cabbage Leaf
<strong>Red Carrots</strong> - The same properties of orange carrots that make them so healthy are found in the red carrot and then some! The red color itself is a powerful carotenoid with many rejuvenating properties. Red Carrot Root
<strong>Ural Licorice Root</strong> - This licorice, from the Ural mountains in Western Russia, is the perfect adaptagen: building harmony and homeostasis in the body. It helps energize all organs and both physical and emotional balance. Ural Licorice Root *
<strong>Wheat Grass</strong> - Chlorophyll from wheatgrass has antioxidant and restorative properties, that energize and harmonize the body. Its nutritive value make it an important supplement that contributes trace elements for optimum cellular function. Wheatgrass Leaf
<strong>Wild Lettuce</strong> - The relaxation promoting effect of wild lettuce helps relieve stress and its aging effects. 19th century physicians used wild lettuce when opium could not be found. Wild Lettuce Leaf

Bringing it together


The successful fight against premature aging is a multi-faceted approach of defensive (prevention) and offensive (production) maneuvers. Some ingredients (*) play both offense and defense; these are the adaptagens, which help to support homeostasis and balance in the body.

Oxidation and oxidative stress are two of the foremost causes of premature aging. Free radicals are everywhere: in our bodies and in the environment. Where ever they occur, they cause oxidative damage to our cells. Anti-oxidants can neutralize the oxidation powers of free radicals (and other miscreants).

Our bodies are in a constant state of flux. Certain tissues are broken down and regenerated naturally. Others need constructive repair of damage. The offensive players help build tissue, whether this is skin proteins, bone matrix or energy and muscle regeneration.

Find the other team’s weakness:
Take a look at a modern farm: huge industrial warehouses, where countless animals are stored, fed on artificial foods and treated with hormones and antibiotics; huge swaths of agricultural monocultures, bathed in synthetic pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilizers. Add to those: genetically modified organisms, designed not for nutrient content, but pesticide resistance. The result is a washed out nutrition: low in vital minerals, proteins and phytochemicals.

The paradox is that 1 ½ lbs of food daily would be sufficient to provide the body with enough energy. But to receive all the necessary nutrients, we would need to consume up to 20 lbs of the same food. The result is that we eat large numbers of calories, but suffer from vitamin and mineral deficiency. This leads to various diseases and premature aging. Epidemiological studies, for example, show that many diseases, from cancer to obesity and depression are on the rise.

By recognizing this weakness in our conventional nutrition, we have learned how to overcome them: supplement the diet with pure, natural and synergistic blends of fruits, vegetables, amino acids, minerals and herbs.


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